What is GPAW?

In 2002, a group of dedicated Great Pyrenees owners in Southern California found there was an interest for fun activities with their Pyrs. We took this interest and formed The Great Pyrenees Alliance of the West (GPAW), which resulted in becoming an affiliate of the Great Pyrenees Club of America. Our goal is to provide continuing education about our wonderful and unique breed and host a variety of activities we can enjoy with our Pyrs. Our activities run the gamut from parades (Christmas, Fourth of July and the Santa Barbara Big Dog) to wine tasting fund raising, to a tour of a working apple orchard, to professional picture taking of our dogs in the California poppy fields, walks sponsored by local community organizations and versatility events. We also have members who cart and some who spin Pyr fur, and others who are very involved doing therapy work with their Pyrs.

Our rescue committee works hard to give very deserving Great Pyrenees second and sometimes a third chance to find their forever home. Rescue is very important to any breed organization and ours is no exception.

Our news publication is GREAT STRIDES! (what else). It is representative of our activities and filled with candid photos and breed information, always with the intent to show the involvement and special bonds we have with our Pyrs.

The objective of GPAW is to “encourage and assist all interested persons, especially new owners, to expand their knowledge and humane care of the Great Pyrenees breed”. We welcome your questions about our “Gentle Giants”.

Upcoming NEWS:

Breed Information:

  • July 4 - Westchester Fouth of July parade potluck to follow
  • August 24 - Pyr-In, Hesse Park Palos Verdes Peninsula photos, hiking and funny Pyr picture contest
  • October 26 - Lake Perris Specialty and Pyr-In Pyr games
  • December 14 - Holiday party and gift exchange
President - Linda McInturff - mcinturff@earthlink.net
Vice President -Mary Watt - mwatt1@san.rr.com
Secretary - Michelle Cannon - hyperiongp@yahoo.com
Treasurer - Steve Anderson - pyrple@verizon.net
Board of Directors:
Chris Wiesinger - email: pasos121@aol.com
Steve Toshiyuki - email: 10331stephen@ca.rr.com
Leo Nunez - email: leostrongsky@yahoo.com
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